General Treatments

Restoring damaged teeth

There are a variety of ways in which a dentist can restore teeth that have been damaged. Restorative dentistry includes fillings, crowns and root canal treatment, all aimed at restoring your teeth to a functional state whilst looking aesthetically pleasing. Badly broken down or abscessed teeth can be saved by endodontic treatment. The root canals are carefully cleaned and sealed to remove infection and prevent it from returning. We have invested in the latest technology, such as electronic measuring devices and digital x-ray equipment, to help us deliver this important form of treatment and therefore saving teeth that may otherwise be lost.

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Replacing missing teeth

There are a variety of ways in which a dentist can replace teeth that have been removed. These include removable dentures, tooth supported bridges or dental implants. Each of these options have advantages and disadvantages. To find out the best option for you book a consultation with our dentist.. Find out more on our: dental implants page

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Gum problems

Most teeth are lost due to the progressive loss of the supporting tissues or gum disease. The first signs are bleeding gums and can progress to recession and eventually loose teeth and gum infection. This can be prevented or slowed down by a combination of good home care and regular visits to a dental hygienist. We have a dedicated team of hygienists who can gently and sympathetically help with gum problems: dental hygiene page

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Fixing crooked teeth

We can advise on the best orthodontic or cosmetic solutions to crooked teeth, usually using braces and aligners, of which there are many different options that your dentist will discuss with you in detail. Alternatively, there are options to use veneers or crowns. Early orthodontic treatment can help to guide the growth of the lower jaw, creating facial symmetry; correct bad oral habits such as thumb sucking; create room to guide permanent teeth into a more favourable position and reduce the treatment time with braces. Find out more on our: orthodontic page or our cosmetic dentistry page

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Removing teeth

At Diamond house our aim is to save teeth. When this is not possible, or advisable, time and attention is given for gentle extractions. Gentle extractions allow for better recovery and better healing. Majority of our extractions are performed with local anaesthetic alone; however, if needed, we can supplement this with IV sedation to help you feel more relaxed throughout the procedure. Find out more on our sedation page

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