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At Diamond House Dental Practice, Oxford, we take your treatment and providing a clean and safe environment very seriously, so we have invested significantly in the latest technology and processes. You can find details on this page of how we maintain the highest quality standards and our extensive range of equipment.

Sterilisation of instruments in our decontamination suite

At Diamond House we take your safety very seriously. We work hard to maintain a clean and safe environment for our patients. We have installed a state of the art decontamination and sterilisation suite. We have equipment and methods for instrument sterilisation and storage that ensure we consistently achieve the standards for Best Practice issued by the Department of Health in HTM 01-05.

The Decontamination Suite has the following features:

Minimally invasive dentistry

At Diamond House we employ minimally invasive techniques to preserve as much of the original tooth as possible, using the latest resin bonded materials.

Mercury free dentistry

Many people are concerned about the inclusion of mercury and other metals in their fillings. The practice has been mercury free since the 1990’s. We use modern, metal free techniques to create a restoration that is durable, comfortable and looks totally natural. We can use composite or porcelain to restore teeth or replace existing metal fillings.

Magnification in treatment

Have you ever wondered how your dentist can see anything in the small dark space inside your mouth? Although our dentists have perfect eyesight, they use surgical magnifiers with built in fibre optic illumination. This allows them to see with optimum clarity and enables them to work to the finest detail.

Intraoral camera

Do you ever wonder what exactly is happening in your mouth? Would you like to see exactly what your dentist is talking about? We have the solution having installed computerised digital cameras in our surgeries which allow us to show patients enlarged images of their teeth and gums. These can be stored on computer disc so that future progress can be monitored.

Panoramic & 2D digital radiography

We have computerised digital X-ray systems in our surgeries which give immediate X-ray pictures. These can be enlarged and clarified to enhance diagnosis as well as saving our patients time. This system also has the great advantage of reducing the exposure to radiation by a significant amount. No chemical processing means it is friendly to the environment as well as to our patients

3D digital radiography

Our advanced system captures highly detailed 3D radiographs, or X-rays. These true-to-life 3D images help us to provide quicker and more accurate diagnoses; improved treatment planning; and better patient care. The unit also has the capability of capturing 2D panoramic images and scanning patients’ dental impressions or plaster models to create high precision 3D digital models of teeth.

Digital dentistry

Our recent investment in an intra-oral scanner provides you with comfortable treatment and the highest quality treatment planning and treatment available. Dental impressions are a thing of the past. Come see for yourself the future of dentistry.

Virtual dentistry

Many of our patients enjoy watching videos on our virtual reality visors. They find that it makes longer treatments fly by. Please ask our staff if you would like to watch a video during your visit.

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