Our style and philosophy

Private Dental Practice

About Diamond House

Located in Summertown, Oxford, we have been in operation since 1946. There are easy parking options locally and in response to patient needs we open late on two nights during the week. We welcome new patients and referrals from other practices. We offer a full range of preventive and cosmetic dental treatment from simple restorations to complex full mouth reconstruction. 99% of our services are provided within the practice.

Our values and ethos

At Diamond House we are a private dental practice focused on minimally-invasive and mercury-free dentistry. We want to ensure that you are very well looked after and that you receive the right type of treatment for your individual needs. This is our value statement:

We are a progressive, minimally-invasive dental practice providing the best available patient care. It is a holistic approach that is as much about prevention as it is about treatment. We also pride ourselves in having advanced equipment, leading systems and use the latest techniques, but most importantly we focus on the individual and what is best for you.

Our approach is preventative and educational

We do our best to ensure your dental care meets your individual needs and will discuss the proposed treatment and options with you, giving you time to ask questions and consider the alternatives. Each surgery is equipped with technology to help us diagnose when treatment is required and explain the treatment options to you.

We encourage our patients to have regular appointments with the practice hygienists and children are invited to participate in the dental health sessions to learn how to care for their teeth through diet and oral hygiene.

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