Advanced dental examinations

Our dental examinations

At Diamond House we offer a comprehensive 16 point dental examination to ensure that you have the best possible care from our team. We believe that prevention is key to good oral health and we will discuss with you the most appropriate care to keep your teeth in top condition. Equally, patient care is very important to us and we have a guarantee on all of our work.

Regular examinations helps us to treat any existing dental issues or to identify early signs of dental disease or other problems to avoid pain and discomfort. We can also provide clear guidance on preventing dental problems and keeping you healthy. By formulating the best dental plan for you as an individual your dentist will propose any necessary treatment with the opportunity to discuss your options and the associated costs.

16 Point Examination

  1. Check medical questionnaire
  2. Thorough oral cancer screening
  3. Gum examination
  4. Jaw Joint examination
  5. Tumour screening
  6. Perform a dental questionnaire
  7. Tooth examination
  8. Assess the occlusion (bite)
  9. Review all existing treatment
  10. Cosmetic appearance
  11. Assess your risk factors
  12. Radiograph analysis
  13. Advise and explain all findings
  14. Provide a personal treatment plan
  15. Provide a personal preventative plan
  16. Future examinations and hygiene visits

Click here for our Pdf download that provides more details on each of the 16 points.

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