Dental Hygiene

The dental hygienist

Professional care should be seen as a two-fold process: regular check ups and the work of the dental hygienist. At Diamond House we are continuing to invest in our hygienist specialists to work in tandem with our dentists to provide the best level of total care.

Our Diamond House 11 point hygiene plan

We have a comprehensive 11 point plan when you come for a hygienist appointment to help keep your teeth and gums healthy. Our philosophy is to help you reduce your dental risks to minimise the need for dental treatment and improve your general well being. To learn more click here: download PDF

Importance of dental hygiene

Research shows that most teeth are lost through gum disease and that gum inflammation is linked to other health illnesses, such as heart disease. Your hygienist is central to the prevention of this problem and provides three important services:

You can find dental hygiene tips & advice in our FAQs section.

Sparkly clean

For lovely polished teeth we recommend the use of AIR-FLOW®. Air-flow gently polishes your teeth and is loved by many of our patients. It enables stain removal between teeth, around braces and is fantastic for removal of diet and smoking related stains. For further details, please have a look at our section on Cosmetic dentistry.

By removal of staining and superficial discolouration, the hygienist can cosmetically enhance your smile and show you how to maintain the results.

Dental hygiene for children

Oral hygiene and diet advice is given | Fissure seals can be placed (these are resins which seal the crevices on the tooth surface which are most prone to decay) | Fluoride gels can be applied for those with a high risk of decay.

Direct access

Dental hygienists and dental therapists can carry out their full scope of practice without prescription and without the patient having to see a dentist first. The only exception to this is tooth whitening, which must still be carried out on prescription from a dentist.

As a practice we are happy that you see our hygienist only. But if you have not had a dental exam recently we advise you have our exclusive Diamond House 16 Point Dental Examination

Link of gum disease to overall health

As a society, gum inflammation is often over looked, however it can be easily managed reducing your risks of tooth loss, infection and pain. Inflammation of the gums can be responsible for gum disease (bone loss, infection and tooth loss), tooth decay and is linked to health related illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes and premature births.

Your hygienist will demonstrate to you where the problems in the mouth are and how the inflammation can be reduced in these areas by modifying your oral hygiene technique. If the situation is severe, or not responding to general hygiene treatment, the dentist will collaborate with the hygienist to formulate an advance treatment plan. Several appointments with the hygienist will be needed and a review with the dentist post treatment is recommended.

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