Composite Restoration Gallery

Case 1:

We place our composite resin fillings with care, expertise, and an artistic flair! Dentist: Jaz Gulati.

Case 2:

This is a trauma case. 18 year old fell off bike and knocked front tooth completely out and fractured the edge of it. He also fracture the adjacent teeth on either side. Came in for emergency appointment where front tooth was re-implanted into position and all three teeth were repaired with composite resin on the same day…
Dentist: Amit Mohindra

Case 3:

A combination of acid erosion and teeth grinding can lead to toothwear. This patient was rehabilitated with composite resin, which involved no drilling and injections.
Associate Dentist: Jaz Gulati

Case 4:

Closing spaces after braces treatment with composite resin to improve the appearance and proportions of the teeth.
Associate Dentist: Jaz Gulati

Case 5:

Molar composite restoration
Dentist: Amit Mohindra

Case 6:

Molar composite restoration
Dentist: Amit Mohindra

Case 7:

Composite on upper lateral teeth
Dentist: Amit Mohindra

Case 8:

Composite on upper
Dentist: Amit Mohindra

Case 9:

Fractured tooth re-bonded into position
Dentist: Amit Mohindra

Case 10:

Fractured front tooth

This young man was unhappy with the filling he had on his front tooth. Teeth are rarely one colour, but made out of lots of different tones and shades. We were able to rejuvenate his smile using real-life tints and attention to detail.
Dentist: Jaz Gulati

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