Five Million Smiles with Invisalign Braces

16th February 2018

The Invisalign braces system is celebrating the fact that five million people have been given the gift of a smile through using their revolutionary technology.

Here at Diamond House, we are embracing this invisible orthodontic solution to offer a clear, discreet option for patients who wish to get straight teeth.

What are the benefits for patients who undergo teeth straightening?

– Improved ability to clean your teeth once they are better aligned. Think of how tricky lower crowded teeth can be to clean well
– Improved self confidence – usually the most common reason for most people. Remember, moving teeth to the correct position is less invasive than veneers and crowns
– Reduce how much goofy teeth stick out, so less likely to damage them – we have seen many children who damage their front teeth from playing sports or falling over, due to their increased ‘overjet’

– Improved bite, in cases where the bite is causing damage to the gums
– Creating space for implants – this is when teeth have overgrown and tilted, we can gently move teeth to make room to fill the space in the best way possible

Additionally, the benefits of Invisalign braces compared to traditional braces include:

– Invisalign by name, Invisible by nature
– You can remove the braces to eat, and to clean your teeth
– No more metal, wires or brackets
– Fits into your lifestyle/career better than other systems
– The ability to preview your straight teeth in 3D, even before you start treatment

How does it work?

By wearing a clear aligner, as pictured below, small sequential movements are made with each aligner change. After a course of clear aligners, the teeth are in their final position. It is hard to believe that something so thin can have the ability to move your teeth! The Invisalign clear aligners are more comfortable than traditional bracket and wire systems.

One of our practice values is to be innovative and at the cutting edge of dental technology. This is why have invested in 3D scanning technology so that the entire process of Invisalign is comfortable, streamlined and efficient.

If you are interested in learning more about how Invisalign can transform your smile at Diamond House, then book for your free consultation with our Invisalign Dentists!

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