We will be posting news and developments about the surgery, along with useful information for patients.

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There are a variety of Frequently Asked Questions listed on this page ranging from “What is the best advice to look after my teeth at home?” to “What will happen on my first visit?”

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New Dental Patients

New Patients

At Diamond House we are open to new patients, so please make contact if you would like to receive further information. Click here for information on what happens on your first visit as a new patient.

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Nervous Dental Patients

Nervous Patients

We aim to build a long term trusting relationship where we can cater for your individual dental needs in the most comfortable way for you.

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We aim to make our costs transparent and always ensure that you receive full details of costs once the right type of treatment for you is identified.

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We are pleased to welcome you to our practice as an existing or new patient. We use the latest techniques of preventative dentistry in a friendly and professional environment.

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For maintenance care you can join our Diamond House membership. This will allow you to become a regular Diamond House patient to spread your maintenance fees whilst rewarding extra benefits and discounts.

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The primary goal of Diamond House dental practice is patient satisfaction, which means that patients are satisfied with the care and service we provide and feel that their best interests are taken into account at all times.

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