Patient satisfaction

If you have any feedback or concerns about any aspect of your treatment, please contact the practice owner, Amit Mohindra, directly via [email protected] and he will respond within 48 hours.

The primary goal of Diamond House dental practice is patient satisfaction, which means that patients are satisfied with the care and service we provide and feel that their best interests are taken into account at all times.

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These are some of the measures we take to achieve this goal:

Patient care

Involving patients in considering how the practice should be developed

Making sure that patient safety is properly protected at all times whilst on our premises

Ensuring that patients understand and consent to the plans that we propose for their treatment

We will also

Provide information about our services, displayed on our website, as well as a range of leaflets and information sheets that are available in different formats on request, such as large print and text
Keep our patients informed if they are kept waiting for their appointment beyond the scheduled time

Giving feedback

We regularly monitor patient views on our services via a periodic Patient Satisfaction Survey (G 115), Waiting Time Survey (G 120) and other comments and suggestions communicated to us verbally or in writing. We encourage patients to talk to us if there is any topic they wish to raise, or use one of our anonymous Comments and Suggestions forms (available in reception, where a box for posting completed forms is also situated).

Patient Complaints

We welcome feedback and are keen to know of any concerns or complaints so that we can address any problems and continually improve our standards of care and service. Please e-mail the [email protected] with your feedback or complaint.

The Complaints Procedure (G 110C) contains more information about how we manage and learn from patient complaints. Find it here


Patients are welcome to view our patient focused policies, which are available to patients on request.

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