Five Million Smiles with Invisalign Braces

The Invisalign braces system is celebrating the fact that five million people have been given the gift of a smile through using their revolutionary technology. Here at Diamond House, we are embracing this invisible orthodontic solution to offer a clear, discreet option for patients who wish to get straight teeth. What are the benefits for…

16th February 2018

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Teeth For Life Plan

At the Beginning of 2016 Diamond House introduced a membership dental plan for our patients. This has been greatly received and as dental professionals, we feel it has been greatly beneficial for our patient’s dental health. Diamond House is committed to preventative dentistry. The plan encourages regular attendance and saves you money on your dental…

20th December 2017

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Whiten Up! It’s Christmas

When you meet someone new, what is the first thing you notice about them? For many, the first thing they notice is someone’s smile. A healthy, white smile can be a very attractive feature. What can you do to achieve a whiter smile? The safest, least invasive, and most effective method is ‘Bleaching’ or ‘Teeth…

8th December 2017

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Mind your mouth – Mouth Cancer Action Month!

This November 2017 we have been showing our support for Mouth Cancer Action Month. At Diamond House, we take mouth cancer very seriously as more and more people are diagnosed with Mouth Cancer every year (more than 7,000 were diagnosed last year). Most people do not know that mouth cancer even exists, but it has…

20th November 2017

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Supporting Month Cancer Action Month

During November, Diamond House are helping to raise awareness for Mouth Cancer Action Month, a charity campaign to raise awareness of mouth cancer and to make a difference by saving thousands of lives through the early detection and prevention. We urge you to continue to come and see us regularly as we include a free…

1st November 2017

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How to enjoy a tooth-friendly Halloween – by Jaz Gulati

Let’s face it, if I told you that we should all be eating celery and crackers this Halloween, that would be totally absurd and unrealistic. This article will give five practical and realistic pearls of toothy wisdom to enjoy Halloween without having a big impact on the dental health of you or your children. Enjoy…

10th October 2017

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Eat, Speak and Smile with Confidence

Replace missing teeth with Dental Implants Fed up with loose or missing teeth? Then Dental Implants could be the answer you have been looking for. People can lose their teeth for many different reasons, from accidents and sports injuries to extensive decay, it’s important to fill gaps left in the teeth, it’s beneficial not only for…

13th September 2017

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Investing in the best technology

For a more in-depth look into your oral health Diamond House has always been at the forefrontm of dental technology offeing you the best treatment avialble. Being one of the first in Oxford to embrace 2D digital radiograohy over a decade ago, last year we acquired a 3D digital cone bean x-ray machine, which allows for…

24th August 2017

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Welcome back Victoria and Basia!

We are pleased to be welcoming back Victoria and Basia from maternity leave. They will be prising themselves away from their adorable children to be with us on a part-time basis. They have both been at Diamond House for many years and we are excited to have them back in the team.

14th June 2017

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Giving Back to the Community

Supporting Syrian Refugees Ioannis Vallis, our associate dentist, returned from a charity trip last year organised by Dental Mavericks in collaboration with Health Point Foundation. He was located in Thessaloniki in Northern Greece, managing to reach more than a thousand refugees and provide many of them with pain relief, antibiotics, fillings, extractions, initial root canal fillings…

18th May 2017

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