Teeth For Life Plan

20th December 2017

At the Beginning of 2016 Diamond House introduced a membership dental plan for our patients. This has been greatly received and as dental professionals, we feel it has been greatly beneficial for our patient’s dental health. Diamond House is committed to preventative dentistry. The plan encourages regular attendance and saves you money on your dental maintenance treatment and on dental treatments, by enabling early detection of dental problems. Let’s talk about how the plan can help you.

The membership plan consists of a monthly payment which covers you for all your maintenance needs. This includes dental examinations, dental hygiene appointments, routine radiographs, fluoride varnish application and much more.

Diamond House membership plan recommends and covers you for six monthly dental examinations. This allows for dental disease, including oral cancer, and dental risk factors to be detected at an early stage, often before the dental pain begins. This means you will often be able to reverse the risk factors through dental advice and should treatment be necessary it can be treated more simply, avoiding complex dental procedures and costs.

Two to four hygienist appointments per year will be recommended on the plan. The actual interval is decided upon assessing your personal risk factors and requirements. Clinical studies and personal experience demonstrate that if you visit the hygienist regularly you are more likely maintain a higher level of oral care on a daily basis at home. Hygienists offer support to your dental hygiene regimes and will often direct you to the areas in your mouth which may require more attention. This will lower your risk factors for gum and dental disease, meaning you will need less dental treatment requirements in the future.

Clinical studies demonstrate that regular fluoride varnish application will lower the risk of dental decay. Fluoride varnish is approximately 20 times stronger than toothpaste in fluoride content. It is applied safely by your dentist or hygienist at three to six monthly intervals. When placed twice yearly it is shown to reduce tooth decay risk by 50% and 70% when applied four times yearly.

The Department of Health suggests routine radiographs should be taken every six to eighteen months depending on individual risk. This allows for dental disease to be detected before it can be seen visually in the mouth and often before dental pain has begun. This early detection will often mean it will be more simple and cost-effective for you to restore your tooth back to health.

Early detection of dental disease, through regular examinations and routine radiographs, allows for minimally invasive dentistry to be performed. Minimally invasive dentistry is also known as micro dentistry. In order to preserve your teeth and gums for as long as possible, it is important not to be invasive when treating teeth.

The membership plan also includes a complimentary worldwide dental emergency assistance scheme. It is hoped that you will never need to use this; however, should there be dental emergency out of clinical hours or whilst you are away from Oxford the plan may help reimburse some of the cost for remedial dental work. This gives you added peace of mind. There are many other benefits of being on the plan.

In summary, committing to regular visits as a diamond house member early detection of dental disease means less invasive treatments, lower costs and longer-term retention of your teeth.

Over 500 hundred patients have joined. Child membership plans are also available. If you think this would benefit you and your family too please contact us to learn how you can join too. Plans start from £23.10 for adults and £12.75 for children. Let’s get 2018 off to an excellent healthy start!

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