Teeth Whitening/Bleaching Gallery

Case 1:

Many patients present with discoloured teeth, usually due to a fall or an accident when they were a child. This patient was treated with a root canal treatment to treat the underlying infection, followed by deep whitening treatment, achieving a fantastic end result.
Associate Dentist: Jaz Gulati

Case 2:

This young man was bullied about the brown marks on his teeth due to fluorosis. Using a combination of deep bleaching and a ‘microabrasion’, we produced a great result and restored his smile and confidence. Best of all, there was no drilling or injections involved.
Associate Dentist: Jaz Gulati

Case 3:

Another case of a dark central incisor successfully treated with internal bleaching, and a composite veneer to create better proportions.
Associate Dentist: Jaz Gulati

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