The Excitement Continues – Summer Update

9th October 2018

There is never a dull moment at Diamond House Dental as we continue to explore new techniques and technology to ensure you get the best that modern dentistry has to offer. At Diamond House, Dentistry has gone digital. Digital impressions, digital 2D and 3D radiographs, digital planning and 3D printing, digital anaesthesia and there is more to come.

Clinicians have been working hard to learn these new techniques and feedback from patients has been invaluable. As enthusiastic clinicians, who strive to do the very best dentistry, digital dentistry has exceeded our expectations and we are very proud to be leading the way in modern dentistry in Oxfordshire.

How does digital dentistry benefit you over traditional methods?

Digital impressions

No one likes the traditional putty or alginate impressions. Digital impressions involve a small camera in the mouth which takes a series of photos (approximately 1500 per jaw). There is no more gagging and furthermore the impression is far more accurate. The digital scan allows precise planning and communication with laboratory technicians and enables tooth designs to be shared with you. Importantly, it is environmentally friendly and a far more hygienic method of sharing your mouth imprints.

Digital Radiographs

Instant radiographs with better clarity. These allow for instant feedback at your appointment and avoid any developmental faults. The 3d X-ray unit (cone beam CT) has been invaluable in achieving accurate diagnosis and in treatment planning, such as implant planning, root canal treatment and complex extractions.

Digital Anaesthesia

The Quicksleeper provides immediate anaesthesia in a far comfortable method. The teeth to be treated are anaesthetised in one simple injection which provides 360 degree numbness to the tooth with minimal soft tissue numbness. This means no more numb lip and tongue for many of our dental procedures. Further more the anaesthetic only lasts approximately 90 minutes; therefore, often wears of soon after your appointment is completed allowing you to continue your day as normal.

Digital Implants/ 3D Printer

By combining your 3D CT scan with your digital impression, your implant treatment can be planned with precision from the start. By designing the prosthesis first, the implant can be placed in the best position. Furthermore, a surgical guide can be design and printed in-house to allow your treatment to be done with minimal invasiveness (guided surgery). This means higher quality implant treatment with less recovery time. There is a reason why, in Oxfordshire, only Diamond House offers a 10-year guarantee on our implant treatment.

Digital Smile Design and Orthodontic Planning

Using your digital impression your orthodontic results can be simulated for you with 3D digital images so you know what can be achieved before committing to treatment. This service (clin-check) is offered for free at your orthodontic consultation. Also, if you are interested in a new smile, we can use your facial photo and design your dream smile. This is planned with you before treatment starts or commitment made. Digital software allows us to plan the exact smile you have always wanted and, if you know someone who has the teeth you want, or once had (such as your daughter), their teeth can be scanned and copied into your new smile design.

What’s next?

There is more to come and learn. In 2019 there are plans to install a CADCAM milling unit on site. This will allow much of your laboratory prosthesis to be designed and created immediately in-house. This will mean no more temporary restorations and you will be able to have these treatments carried out in one day. Digital technology is rapidly developing bringing more and more to the world of dentistry and enabling us to do more for you. For example, we can now measure the wear on your teeth over time or digitally record your smile so there is a permanent record should there be any problems in the future. Diamond House is committed to ensuring you receive the latest proven innovations and you can trust that with us you are getting highest quality dentistry in a relaxed, comfortable and friendly environment.

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